Page Manager Is Finally Available


@pyotr you will get an email in 10min


Hi Nick, we would like to test this page manager beta version. Please add us in the beta list. Thank you.


I just released latest beta to people on the beta list. Here is what is new

  • UI is updated, it’s a bit more flat
  • Page manager UX updated
  • Page manager button added to the toolbar
  • Attributes on paragraphs, headings and image elements are no longer removed by Sitecake
  • Classes that are not defined as Sitecake user styles are no longer removed by Sitecake
  • Updates for PHP7 support
  • Default template for menu item changed to render as
  • element
  • Improvements in error handling and logging
  • Default value for ‘pages.use_document_relative_paths’ changed to false
  • Small bug fix in backups handling
  • Check for PHP version fixed to check 5.6 instead of 5.5
  • Error with update check fixed

This is final beta, we are releasing page manager right after the Easter.


Hi Nik,

Great news!

I should be on the betalist, yet have not received any message.

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Hi Nik, I guess we have not received your email, please add us on beta list. Thank you.


New release pushed to beta channel.

Here is what is fixed:

  • SEO page details in page manager are now saved correctly
  • Page manager keyboard shortcuts (D,H,S,ESC, DEL) added
  • Font issues within page manager fixed
  • Problem with HTML loading with native PHP DOM fixed (warnings suppressed)


Page manager update is released to all users. In depth docs and videos are coming next week, we just did not wanted you to wait for docs but rather play with page manager.

All suggestions welcome!


Hi Nik,

I would prefer to be able to always change a page name by clicking on the name. That currently works with the pages under Menu Items, but not for the pages under HTML Pages. It seems like name changing should work the same way for both.

It may be better for the trash can to appear when a user clicks on a page, not when the user drags a page. A user would not be inclined to drag a page toward a trash can that they can not yet see.

How can I hide some of the HTML Pages in the bottom half of page manager? For example, I would prefer to hide html include files and files that end in php.

Error when saving content for pages in subfolders

Hi Dean,

you can change page name from details popup, but on first look it’s a good point that it could also be changed from main window like menu item title. We’ll consider implementing this.

Regarding trash can, it’s also good point and also will be considered.

As for your last question. With page manager, .scpages file is introduced. It’s functionality will be explained in details in upcoming documentation for pagemanager. Here is how it works currently:

By default, all files with supported extensions (can be configured in config file with ‘site.default_pages’ variable) in site root directory are considered as pages. If you want to add specific pages from subdirectory you need to create .scpages file in your site root and state each file in new line.
subdir/index.html subdir/contact.html

In next release (2.4.3) that should be released today or tomorrow we added possibility to state entire directory (eg. subdir/) and also possibility you asked for, to filter files by extension (eg. subdir/*.php)

There is also possibility to exclude specific file (or dir as from next release) by prefixing it with !. So if you want to include all files from subdir except contact.html and also want to exclude about.html page from site root dir, your .scpages file should look something like this:

!about.html subdir/ !subdir/contact.html

If you, for example, want to include all files from subdir except .php files, you should be able to do it like this:

subdir/ !subdir/*.php

Pay attention how entries are ordered. You should always first include a subdirectory and than exclude specific files from it. Otherwise it won’t work.

Cannot navigate to other pages
Hide folders from Sitecake
Cannot navigate to other pages
I discovered a bug in the page manager using sc-nav

Sounds good. Thank you for the quick reply.


Sitecake v2.4.3 has been just released. Here is what is fixe/added:


  • Menu items with UTF-8 encoding are supported
  • Files and folders specified in .scpages, can be declared with asterisk

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Sitecake removed classes on content items without defined user styles
  • Fixed: Incorrect page URLs were displayed in page details modal

We will group these updates in the future, and not release every week. But now while we are debugging page manager it might be a bit more frequent.


Of course, it’s free download to all previous buyers.


The .scpages file described above did a good job of filtering the designated files from appearing as page manager HTML Pages. However, it also appears to have permanently deleted those files from my server. I will give it another try when the full documentation is completed.


Hi Dean,

unfortunately it’s a bug. Will release a patch today.


@dean Which version of Sitecake did you use when bug occurred?




We located the bug. This was happening where sitecake-temp directory wasn’t cleared after upgrading to 2.4.3.
Releasing patch soon. You’ll be notified.


Hi guys,

we released 2.4.4 patch yesterday. You can download it from website. It includes bug fix where cache inconsistency caused Sitecake to delete pages excluded through .scpages file.

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