Page Manager Is Finally Available


Based on my initial testing, Page Manager appears to be working now. Congratulations!

It took me a few minutes to learn how the flow of editing a page works when using Page Manager. After logging in, my menu bar disappears. Then I click the Page Manager button on the Toolbar. To navigate to any page I double-click the page under the HTML Page section within Page Manager. After a few seconds, the page appears and I can edit it. After publishing, I return back to Page Manager and repeat the process for any other pages that need editing.

I also like being able to turn Page Manager off (hiding the button on the Toolbar) by adding “Pagemanager.init = false” as a new line in the editor.cnf file. Well done!

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If I buy a whitelabel version now, I assume I can download the pagemanager?

One other question: how is the experience of people with bootstrap (templates)? I use quite easy templates.

Looking forward to working with it! Would really love this tool if it works well.


Both regular and white label version come with the page manager, it’s integral part of Sitecake.
Our demo template is also bootstrap templates, as all other templates on our Templates page. So it works quite fine.