Installation in cPanel does not work in GreenGeek


Yesterday, I installed Sitecake product found in the Portals/CMS section of cPanel at Green Geeks Softaculous and received the usual notices. However, when I go to there is no ADMIN interface, I get the index page of the template without any images, similar to

So, I contacted support at GreenGeeks and they said: “It seems the issue refers to outdated files that include the softaculous. We received the following message when I was trying to install the sitecake on my side: SiteCake has not been updated for more than two years and may no longer be maintained or supported by the script vendor You can try to manually install this CMS and use it in order to manage your website.”

Any suggestions as to how to remedy this problem?

Avery Sloan


Sitecake used to be free and opensource software a few years ago. That free version is still available with a Softaculous bundle, but it’s outdated and we do not support it anymore.

We’ve fixed so many bugs from that period and added a lot of new features so I really recommend using the latest version from our website.

There is another post here on the forum that gives more light on the topic