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Can anyone inform me of what the current version of SiteCake is? My last update note was very old.


Well, no development really hapened for ages. This project is pretty much dead… :frowning:


That is a bummer. I really have enjoyed using Sitecake and appreciate the features and Simplicity of this tool. Are there there any future plans?


Sitecake is not a dead project. Support is very active for all our users. We will be adding more docs, videos and templates to the website.

On the other hand, if you need more features, it’s not going to happen soon. Sitecake can edit text, images, videos and add pages. That’s more than enough for 90% of our users. It’s a simple tool for simple websites and we really do not want to go beyond that.

Once we even tried a freemium model, text editing for free, images and video for $39. And you know what happened? People were just using the free version, text editing was enough for them.

So, there is a market for a CMS that can edit just text.
There is a market for a CMS that can edit text, images and videos.
There is a market for a simple blog CMS to add pages, videos, text and images.
There is a market for Wordpress, and beyond…

Sitecake will never go beyond text, images, videos and a few pages. It’s for a … five, six page website.

50% of small businesses in the world do not have a website. Not a single page. We want to serve them, once they have content for a few pages.

New Sitecake websites are created every day. Here are some of the latest that really represent our target group.

The latest Sitecake version is 2.4.10. It’s a free download for anyone who purchased Sitecake anytime.


It’s funny to see that Martin has to say something negative again. But still, he’s posting on the forum, for more than three years now. :slight_smile:


Hi all, I’m new here and happy to have found Nik’s explanation.

I was going to install SiteCake as a test, but Softaculous gave a warning: " SiteCake has not been updated for more than two years and may no longer be maintained or supported by the script vendor"

That was disappointing, it looked like such a promising system. Then I saw this forum with still a lot of activity…
Maybe it would be good to publish a new release every year, with just one comma changed :wink:

Nik wrote:

The latest Sitecake version is 2.4.10. It’s a free download for anyone who purchased Sitecake anytime.

The version at Softaculous is 2.2.10…?
Is Sitecake free or must a license be purchased?



Thank you for the update. It is great to hear that there is an active support forum (This thread is a testament to that)

I agree that a majority of my clients only need to change text and Images and Sitecake has filled that role. The main reason I have enjoyed creating sites with Sitecake is that it does just what is needed and is easy to use (both as a developer and for the content editors).

I really enjoy seeing a list of sites that use Sitecake.

I will do a quick scan of the sites that I have built to verify they are on version 2.4.10.



Version on the Softaculous is 5 years old. At that time Sitecake was free, but we haven’t been able to do support with free software. So Softaculous version has been never updated.

From version 2.2.10 we published more than 15 new version updates. Release notes for latest updates are here. Though I have to admit that our version numbering is confusing at least.

Here is a bit of history:

Version 1.x Sitecake CMS is integrated with the website, in the same way Wordpress is. If you remove Sitecake website is not operational anymore. Still, some websites are working without a problem with this version for more than 8 years. Can you imagine a Wordpress website working without maintenance for 8 years?

Version 2.1+ Sitecake is separated from the static HTML website. An editor, like Dreamweaver, just online. Can be deleted from the hosting at any time.

Version 2.3+ Sitecake backend is completely rewritten to support lightweight PHP websites (both .html and .php websites can be managed)

Version 2.4+ Sitecake page manager is introduced, able to manage main menu, clone pages, delete pages, do basic on-page SEO.

So, version 2.4.10 is much more powerful with a lot of bugs fixed compared to 2.2.10 And it costs $39 per domain.


@jimiz Thanks man!

We’ve changed our payment processor and file delivery service from Simplegoods to Gumroad. So if you need a download link for the update just send us a ticket.

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Thank you Nik for explaining!
Just before your post I saw the Sitecake prices, after clicking the Download button. :hot_face:

Is there a way to try Sitecake before buying?
Thanks again.


We do not have a trial version. But there is a 30 days money back policy.


Okay, thanks. I’ll buy the one site version.

[edit] hmm, Gumroad window keeps freezing. I’ll try again later today


I see you’ve bought the regular version. Thanks.

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