Version differences


I haven’t tried version 1 but from reading the docs its seems more powerful than version 2: slideshows, ability to deal with php pages… Am I wrong or missing something ?


Here are things that are different in two versions:


  • knows how to deal with php scripts in templates
  • automatically creates a slideshow in a popup once you upload 2 or more images at once
  • supports designer defined css styles for client use, but all styles has to be present in html template
  • saves edited content in a separate folder, not in the page
  • drag and drop a file from your laptop
  • drag and drop a map from Google Maps (old maps engine)
  • drag and drop YouTube video
  • not working with responsive websites
  • not open source


  • works best with html pages, maybe works with some php scripts, but we haven’t tried
  • creates a masonry gallery out of two or more images
  • supports designer defined css styles, but now it’s enough to define them in regular css file which is more convenient
  • saves edited content directly in html, uploaded images in /images folder and uploaded files to /files folder. Once the editing is finished one has static html website again
  • drag and drop a file from your laptop
  • drag and drop a map from Google Maps (new maps engine)
  • drag and drop YouTube video
  • drag and drop of an image from another website
  • drag and drop of a tweet
  • responsive website support
  • responsive images, serving different image size depending on the client screen size
  • small improvement like better resource naming, images uploaded retain original names, simplified sc-content class naming – no need to give unique suffix to sc-content class, just sc-content works fine …
  • open source

So there are quite a few differences. Our plan is to support further v2 only. Web services like google maps, you tube etc are changing resource URLs all the time and we will update Sitecake to continue working with new changes. To tackle this changes in timely manner we have Sitecake silent update in making (similar to how Chrome browser updates and you don’t event know when it happened).

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Great summary. Thanks !

guess you mean an image wall ?


Yes. Like this one


Don’t forget that some shared hosting plans like the one I use at OVH (one of the world’s largest hosts) do not allow http request to go out. That will prevent such silent updates I guess.


This can be fixed with ftp login credentials.


In sitecake see 2.2.ou you do not intend to use multiple images field (gallery with poupap larger image) as there is in sitecke see 1.x.x


We plan to have slideshow and gallery in v2. But, at this moment, when you drag and drop multiple photos we create only masonry style gallery.