Using Sitecake as a blog on HTML site


Hello gents and ladies

I have a question

Is it possible to integrate Sitecake as a part of a website to only use it for the blog and the blog articles. Let me elaborate a bit:

We have a static HTML website custom coded in Bootstrap using sass.
The site has a max of 10 pages
Home (index.html), About, Portfolio, Services (dropdown with auto-insurance and home-insurance), Pricing FAQ, Terms, Privacy.

Is it possible to install Sitecake and create an HTML page (blog - styled with css) using cards from Bootstrap to list in a column based flex box grid (the images with text snippets with links to the article pages) for the blog posts that can be updated regularly (dynamic or manual input) and to create blog posts using a pre built and styled css HTML template and add them to the website. I do not need access to the rest of the pages.

What I want the users to see is this:
Browse my static site check the pages (about, services etc) and visit my blog posts through the blog page that has images and text excerpts that have the article title, brief description, date, author (me) and a link to the actual full page article.

I am planning to add max couple of blog articles per month. Also I want to be able to add Facebook comment form on the article pages.

I am thinking of installing Sitecake in a separate folder called blog and have the blog.html become the index.html page (not the front page) for the articles.

Can I do this for my clients and manage their websites and the website blog content (only one user allowed to post articles).

I do not see the benefit of using WP for small sites, just to have an option to post articles.

Your help and clarification would be much appreciated.

Hosting is using cPanel i.e. shared hosting (HostPapa)

Thanks :slight_smile:


Everything you mentioned is absolutely possible.

I would only note that you can not add new bootstrap card with Sitecake. In order to do that you need to edit HTML manually. Sitecake can maintain a list of blog articles in a form of a bullet list or just links inside a paragraph. Adding HTML snippets like bootstrap cards requires support for HTML snippets and we do not have them, at least not now.


I’m looking for the same thing. I was wondering what the exact workflow for publishing a blog post would look like. I guess I have to create a new page which holds the full article first. And after that, I publish a teaser on my homepage and link it to the newly created page.
Is that correct?


That’s correct Rolf. :slight_smile:

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