Unable to view edited pages except index.html

I bought this sitecake cms few days back. After the setup, I am able to edit home page.
But any other pages that I edit show the changes only when I am logged into sitecake. Once I publish and logout the changes are not visible.

Only on index.html page the changes are showing up but on other pages the changes are not showing after logout.

Kindly help.

Try to delete sitecake-temp/ sitecake-backup/ folders.

Still not working. I deleted the sitecake-temp/ sitecake-backup/ folders but still its not working.

Zip your website and send it attached with the ticket. I will check it.

You need only the html files & sitecake files. right ?

Ticket submitted. Kindly have a look at the files.

Problem solved. It was file permission issue.

I am also experiencing this issue. How did you solve the file permission problem?

Sitecake is php CMS and it needs permissions to read, write and execute. Generally 644 for files and 755 for folders works out of the box. The example below works fine: