Tutorials on implementation into existing websites


Hi Guys i was wondering when you were going to put together some quick tutorials on implimentation?


Basics are covered with our docs



working with CSS styles

structure and php pages

and configuration options

Apart from that, what would you like to be covered?


What we will be adding is User Guide tutorials. How to add different types of content, text, images, maps, videos, …

Once these things are covered we can go further on specific topics like integrating Bootstrap templates, Foundation and other frameworks, …


perfect thats what i was thinking of more so :slight_smile: just to round up your functionality and how to implement that


Hey, we updated help pages. Now there is Using Sitecake category with that covers basic things like: adding text, images, videos, … applying CSS styles, keyboard shortcuts and more…


Each page has accompanying video for those who don’t have time to read.

More docs will come, better videos and complete knowledge base section with search, tags and more.


fantastic news - will go have a look at them