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Hey. I think someone has stolen your idea and is still trying to make money in an illegal way. Is it so ?


We are glad that we inspired other static content management systems. :slight_smile:

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Sitecake is without comparison. What makes Sitecake unique is the way it was thought, other competitors will appear, this is good for everyone, but I didn’t see any with the Sitecake approach.

See all the power of Sitecake, in this CSS GRID theme:

Gift for Sitecake community:

Please Nik, answer my last e-mails, I even thought that the project was discontinued, you don’t answer any of my e-mails anymore.

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Sitecake it’s not discontinued, do not worry. Though we have some issues with the discourse forum software. For some reason or forum setting in the latest update I am not getting forum updates. Currently searching for the fix.

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