Text encoding error on publishing



When I save page the the following character: “Å” it shows up as an invalid symbol.

Before publish:

After publish:

I find it strange that only the “A with an overring” (Å) is encoded incorrectly. And only in capital form.
The page file is using UTF8 and the header of contains: <meta charset="utf-8">

Any ideas why this happens ?



we are looking into this problem. Should be fixed in next release


Faced exactly the same problem. At first, when i’m save site in editor after small changes, some characters were replaced by ?. After this i can’t edit site. Changes just doesn’t store. Then /sitecake.php started to return the Fatal error: Call to a member function getAttribute () on null in /sitecake/2.4.7/src/Sitecake/DOM/Element.php on line 105. I think sitecake just broked up a charset of my document


ver. 2.4.7

Similar problem.
After you hit the publish button and reloading the page of the letters changed to a rhombus with a question.
UTF-8 without BOM.


What to do?


I also faced the same problem.
In my case, Japanese kanji are garbled.
Help me.


This is fixed in 2.4.8. It’s coming out soon. Currently in beta test phase.


When should we expect this? Is there anyways I can get access to the beta, I have the white label license and I use the platform strictly for text only for the asia market and this has become quite an issue and has rendered the product useless since I bought it 3 months ago.


Has this been fixed?
I get weird characters when I edit Greek text.


Hi, it should be fixed. What version are you using? Can you send example?