Templating with Sitecake

Has anyone tried using a templating system like Twigs for Mustache with Sitecake? Does sitecake play well with something like Gatsby or React?

Is it possible to get a dev version of sitecake to test out with different templating systems? Not for development on a real site or anything.

We do not have a dev version. But there is a 30 days refund policy in case it does not work with your setup.

Why is there no dev version? Your docs weren’t written very well, and none of it includes what I would need to know in order to justify a purchase. It didn’t seem like it was written for developers to begin with. I’m looking to simplify my dev process for small business websites without e-commerce. I wanted to cut down my time as much as possible to increase efficiency and speed of development. Is there a full stack engineer on your team I could talk with?

Please create a ticket here

and you will get technical answers that you can’t find in the docs.