Spot Theme For Sitecake -FREE


This is a Rough Conversion of the Spot Bootstrap Template
The Original




This “Conversion” Was Done by Me and not Sean

Stay Tuned For Our Next Release Coming in a Few Days, Its a Boot Strap Theme Created From Scratch by Our Companies Developer Sean.

I Am Literally Paying Money out of My Own Pocket to Pay my Developer to Create Simple Nice Themes For Sitecake in hopes of Sparking off Some Community Driven Development,

I Am Very Aware That SiteCake Does not Develop Sites For you, However Site Cake has a Lot of Potential, I Just Built a New site for a Previous Client And i Gave Him a Massive Discount Due to Us using sitecake for the editor and My Client Loves the Editor Because it Allows Him to Easily Add Or Change Something in the Website, And that is Another Reason Why I See So Much potential, Its a Very Simple

I Would Love to See More Community Driven Templates and addons For Sitecake,

I would Love to See Some More Documentation on Sitecake, (It Really Needs a specific System Requirements page as installing it on a basic LAMP stack does not always work. It Would be Nice to Know What PHP Version is Required modules etc, These Things are Essential for Someone Running Site on Thier Own Server (Private,VPS,Or rented dedicated)

Also Site Cake Sites Can Be Supercharged With Cloudflare to Provide Redundancy using their always online technology, Just Create Some Page Rules to Cache The Content And Create a Rule not to Cache the Sitecake.php and its directories sitecake-backup sitecake-temp etc, So if You have a slow Webhost You can Improve Your Search Results. etc, page speed. Im sure Others Can Think of Some ideas Cloudflare Also Can help you Save Bandwidth Below are Some Examples from one of my sites analytics These Screen Shots Were Taken During the Writing of This Post, Your Results May Vary But this was accomplished on a free Cloudflare plan,

CloudFlare Acts as a Proxy Between Your Webserver and The Visitor Cloudflare also Protects Your Server From bad Traffic, It Also Pushes Your Website In its Content Delivery Network. So If your Cloudflare “shielded” Server is located in California and your visitor is in florida, then your websites Cached Static Content would be served From Cloud flares Miami Data Center or if your visitor was in asia then it would be served from the nearest Cloudflare DataCenter to that Visitor, Reducing Latency and Loading Times For Your Website.


WOW, great theme and tutorial. I use CF some but had no clue could put it to work like you point out.

Thanks once again for sharing.