Span elements are gone!

I’m using version 2.2.11 and my span tags keep getting deleted. Anyone else having this problem? I’m also having some other weird html issues but mostly the span tag issue.

Hi, can you collaborate a little bit? Sitecake doesn’t support span tags. Post a link where it’s installed.


i’m having the same issue too. I’m using v2.3.1.

I have some H1 & H3 tags with SPANs within them. When I edit that page, all the inner SPAN tags are deleted. (I’m using SPAN just to change a word color). Is there another way to do that?

You should allow to edit SPAN text as well.


Hi, currently Sitecake is not supporting inner span elements. Only inline elements that can be used are strong and em. We are rewriting client side to plain javascript and are considering to add such a functionality for that release.

will there be additional elements in the future?

Please read this post

not nice to read … :frowning_face:

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