Sometimes PNGs do not work


Sometimes when I try to use PNGs, the image does not show it. It just looks completely transparent.
I’ll attach a PNG that is exhibiting this behavior.

I’m not really sure what the issue is and would like some input. Maybe there is something I am doing in the creation of the file. I’ve done a lot of trial and error and cannot really nail down what the issue is.


I’ve tried to hard refresh the browser to get the image functioning with no luck.
I downloaded the image uploaded here and tried it. It works.
I retried the image I uploaded. It still didn’t work.
I renamed the file I uploaded. It works after renaming it.
Same file renamed works.
I actually don’t know what the problem is but it slows down my workflow having to troubleshoot image files.



what name did you use when upload didn’t work?


I tried to download image from forum and upload it to demo and it works fine. Did you try to upload it on demo?


I downloaded the image and it works. The exact same image that I have before uploading does not work. I’m not sure what the issue it nor do I know where to begin to figure it out.

Yes, I have tried the demo site as I thought it was something I did in my markup. My own site and the demo site have the same behavior showing to a rectangle where the image should be.


as far as the name I used:
Further experimenting. I downloaded the image posted here and used it on the demo site. It works. I then renamed it to ad.png and tried the same [renamed] file and it now does not work.



are you using ad blocker? I tried with ad.png name and my ad blocker blocked it.