Some feature requests

Loving sitecake!

A few feature requests:

  • Animated GIF support — it seems animated gifs are converted to different sizes and shows only the first image in the sequence. So perhaps animated gifs are not resized when inserted and are just scaled?
  • Emoji support
  • Touch/tablet support

Thanks for the feature request list.

I will add it to our internal list, mayber I should make it public, why not.

Regarding Animated GIFs, I needed that for the demo page. So, I just uploaded gifs to images folder and added raw HTML from the toolbar

<img src="images/new-heading.gif" class="img-fluid">

Emoji support? Hm, how to do that? To embed emoji font with Sitecake?

Touch support is practically new Sitecake client for touch devices. Not a quick development, but much needed.

For me, the emoji I typed into the text boxes got stripped out when I published, so less about supporting input of emoji but rather supporting them in text fields.

I understand that it might be difficult — Emoji can be tricky, especially with multi-byte ones and modifiers. I imagine it might be similar to supporting multi-byte languages like Chinese, Arabic, etc.

Oh, an additional request:

  • When clicking the publish button while editing a text field: move the focus from the text field to the button, then publish the current contents of the text field, preventing some lost changes I’ve had where I didn’t click outside of the text field first. (Clicking the publish button would normally change focus to the button, so hopefully this wouldn’t be too difficult.)

I recreated emoji issue. They are visible in editor but dissapear after publish. Okay, I will add this to the bug list.

Publish button is not active until you leave text field editing. Sitecake assumes that you haven’t finished editing until you leave a text field.

Don’t know if it’s easy, but another way of communicating the text editing thing is if the publish button is disabled (grayed out) when the user is currently editing a text box.

Then clicking outside the text box reactivates it. Might not work with other editing features… but that might be user-friendly and easier to implement?