Sitecake2.4.10 and Bootstrap4.4.1



Cara estou tentando me convencer disso mas para adaptar meu template está um parto estão cobrando uma grana… e tenho dúvida ainda como o vou implementar a galeria de fotos… e como o usuário poderá de maneira fácil adicionar google analytcs… um meta no cabeçalho que ele quiser… ou qualquer coisa do tipo … tá difícil!


@evertonlima If you pick up a random HTML template from Theme Forest with all the bells and whistles designers put into it – it is difficult to adapt for Sitecake. Sitecake has never been made for Theme Forest do-it-all templates. I can argue that no CMS is made for these kind of templates.

Theme Forest designers compete on template features with other Theme Forest designers, they are working on a template like a development team is working on a software, adding more and more features and ending up with bloated software. Some template are developed and updated over a course of several years. So, templates that fit all possible use cases ended up fitting none of them. They created a category of their own in which they all have the same features and look alike.

Sitecake is not going to go into that direction.

Sitecake is made for custom designed websites, designed from a scratch and with a particular client in mind. You need to be an HTML developer to create a website and integrate Sitecake. I am sorry but we do not have a product for an end user. But that will change.

Starting today, we will start creating a set of simple templates made for Sitecake. Single purpose templates with just a page or two, optimized for speed and SEO friendly.

Something more in line with SquareSpace and Weebly

Just that they will be free or one time purchase, not a subscription.

We really appreciate the work of @youmarketing and other community members working on templates so we decided to join their effort with and produce more simple but usable temlates.


Hello, I love Sitecake! I have recommended, made videos and directed people to the sales page. However, it is very difficult not to be able to edit or delete older posts. This is annoying, I can no longer keep old links and follow with something new, but I am prevented from editing.

Here’s the news:

pt-BR Olá, eu amo Sitecake! Tenho recomendado, feito vídeos e direcionado as pessoas para a página de vendas. Porém, muito difícil não poder editar ou excluir postagens mais antigas. Isso é irritante, já não posso mais manter links antigos e sigo com algo novo, mas sou impedido de editar.

Segue novidade: