Sitecake x PHP 8.0 +


As of now, Sitecake isn’t working with PHP versions 8.0 and newer. Text can be edited, pictures cannot – and the page manager doesn’t work. Are there any plans to update Sitecake in the near future?

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Definitely, we will do the update. I can’t say the exact date right now.


I would like to purchase a license for my Website, but the webhoster runs the website with php 8.
Is it already known when PHP 8 will be supported ?

PHP 8 support will not come anytime soon since the current PHP version is 7.4. So, please set PHP version in cPanel to 7.4

Thanks for your answer
i will try this …
but the support for php 7.4 will end november 2022.
so this only can be an temporary solution, for a few month.

We will support PHP 8.0 before security support for PHP 7.4 ends at 28 Nov 2022.

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My webhoster has informed that PHP 7.4 will not be supported any longer from end of November on, and it’s end of September now, so my question is: When will a new version be released, which works on PHP 8.0 or even 8.1? Or should we users look for another CMS?