Sitecake or Other CMS



I am OLD and retired, but still interested in web building/hosting/etc Nothing commercial at present as I have been retired for several years.

I have several sites built with WP. These are all fairly simple sites and work well. But my natural instinct is to explore what is available.

I stumbled upon SiteCake, and tested the demos. I liked it enough to resurrect an old domain name I have and bought 12 months cheap hosting. There, via Softaculous, there was an install for SiteCake, so i went ahead and installed it into a subdirectory. It worked well, but it would never give me the login to allow any edits. Turns out it was v1.0.??? and the sub-dir probably did not help. .
So I looked at updating it via the SC site. Uh-Oh. now I need to buy a license for V 2.2. ??

That threw me, as my Softaculous installer said it was Free.

Not being mean or anything, but if I was able to recoup the license fee, I would not hesitate to purchase. Looks like a great product with a limited market…

I like to post some of my learned knowledge on the web to help others. This is mainly some Windows programming notes and SQL notes. SiteCake would have been a great platform, but for the current licensing…

My search goes on, trying to get clear or WP. I just want something with a bunch of semi-static web pages that I can manage.

Can you prevent Softaculous from providing the old free version? I hope so… Would have saved me a few hours

I wish the developers continued success.




Sitecake on Softaculous is very old one (2 years+) and we do not support it any more. It has bugs we fixed in commercial versions and it’s withouth many new features. I will write them immediately to remove it since it’s making problems.

Latest version can be found on our website so you can puchase it, try it and in case you don’t like it we will refund you no questions asked.

Thanks for your post!


Hello Nik

I keep coming back and looking at SiteCake so may purchase a license.
I have one question first… I would like to try it on a dummy/sandbox site where I can learn to use it.
Can I buy one license, and work with it at one site for a few weeks, then later transfer the license to a second site and use it there? I would delete it from my first site.




you can do that.