Sitecake Bootstrap Template


Looking to the download for bootstrap template used in Sitecake demo:

Cannot seem to find download on site or GitHub.

See discussions here about converting and have done so but issues, issues and more issues. Be nice to see how Sitecake has modified the template to work.


Recommended 3rd party libraries

We might release a walk through video to explain how to integrate Sitecake with Boostrap. It’s not hard, just might have some not so obvious steps.


Ok, thanks. Was asked by a client to review possibility of using with their bootstrap templates so asked you for the actual template you are using.

I might recommend they go ahead and get the white label version. Just not positive but it might do.


Not all Bootstrap templates will work with Sitecake out of the box. Especially if templates have a lot of layers stacked with different z-index for elements. Such templates need to be adapted for Sitecake.

If the template is simple it requires just a couple of minutes to adapt.
If the template is complex, a lot of moving bells and whistles, layers and complexity, then it’s from a couple of hours to a couple of days.

BTW I see a lot of templates on template markets these days that are overloaded with CSS/JS animations that distract the user, make pages unusable on mobile and bring no value. Same animations, transitions and gimmicks from flash websites from 10 years ago are live again. People are using CSS animations just because they can.

We have front end developers in our network who can do template adaptation for $10-$20 per page. Just FYI.


I know this is a bit late,
this is the theme that is used in the demo