Sitecake and https


Hi Sitecake,

I’ve used Sitecake for several years and it really is good and a joy to use.

But… I’ve just changed my site to https and when I try to log in I only get a blank screen. has always worked. - only a blank screen.

Can you advise what the problem may be?

Many thanks,



Hi Steven,

HTTPS shouldn’t have to do anything with sitecake functioning. Something else probably changed. Can you send sitecake.log file on private message (just click on my avatar and click blue ‘Message’ button). File is located somewhere within sitecake-temp dir, depends on sitecake version you are using.


Hi Predrag Leka,

Thanks for your reply. I couldn’t find your private reply option and this Reply panel will not upload the file.

I forgot to mention that last week I moved the domain and files to a new host.

Could you email me a contact address?

Many thanks,



Hi Predrag Leka,

I have tried to send you my sitecake log, but your email address was ‘[email protected]…’

Just to say that sitecake worked very well, but I moved my site to a new host, then nothing!

The new host uses a Plesk control panel. The php version is 7.2.16. My Sitecake version is 2.4.7. Should I be using a different version of php?

I’d like to send you my sitecake log, but would need an email address.

Many thanks for any help you can provide to solve this problem.



Hi Steve,

try to upgrade to sitecake 2.4.10. Delte sitecake-temp dir and try to access sitecake.php.
If problem persist, send us a ticket with sitecake.log file. You should be able to send it via ticketing system.



Hi Predrag, Just to let you know that my Sitecake blank screen problem is now solved and everything is working fine.
Improving my hosting permissions helped to get to the log-in, but then still a blank screen. So, as you suggested I uploaded 2.4.10 and everything is working well!
Many thanks for your support and advice. Very much appreciated.


Glad you figured it out.