Sc-editable divs disappear in Editor


I have installed Sitecake for a simple, onene-page scrolling site. This site was created with a WISIWIG site builder app I am testing for client sites. The app seems to work by creating many, many divs and multiple classes. It also has built in javascript and jQuery effects, but it does write valid code.

I “unminified” the code so I could more easily find the correct div to add “sc-content” class to. I am certain I have placed the “sc-content” class on the correct div, according to the guidelines. Just to make sure, I have made several different placements of the “sc-content” class.

In its current position, enclosing the text I would like to be editable, the text appears for a quick second, then disappears.
If I move the class to the next div “up” and the content is selectable, but not editable.

Nothing has been deleted. All text is there and visible when I exit the editor. I can also see that it is there when I inspect elements through the Web Inspector. It just not visible in the Sitecake editor.

Could this be caused by a javascript conflict or is it the structure of the file? Are there certain types of page formats that are not compatible with Sitecake?



could be due javascript or css. Can you send url to site and sitecake pass on PM so I can check it out?