Restaurant menu handling - best practice


Dear colleagues,

sitecake is recommended among other use-cases as a good platform for restaurants websites.
In a while i am wondering how manage structured menu:

item1 (left align) …[auto-dots between elements]… price1 (right align)
item2 … price2 (you get the point)

It needs to work with responsive site flow and be still ofc editable including adding/removal of items.
Something like known and imho html well handling approach (

Ideas how to reach effectively something like this with sitecake?



Sitecake does not support <span> elements in the text. What you can use instead of span elements are <strong> and <em> elements and adjust CSS accordingly.
Another idea is to form two columns layout: one for the menu item, the other for the price. The menu item column should have a dotted background tile.