Responsive images becomes invisible when logged into admin


When I log into Sitecake on a site where the HTML uses responsive images, they becomes invisible in the browser. When I log out again they are displayed correctly again. I have tried this on Safari, Chrome (mac) and Firefox (mac) and the problem is the same. But If I remove srcset="… part from the code the image is again displayed when logged into Sitecake.

My code with responsive image (Dosent show up when logged into admin):

<div class="flxleftg sc-content">
                     <img src="images/bad2.jpg" srcset="images/bad2-p-500.jpeg 500w, images/bad2-p-1080.jpeg 1080w, images/bad2.jpg 1300w" sizes="(max-width: 479px) 23vw, (max-width: 767px) 24vw, (max-width: 991px) 46vw, 45vw" alt=""></div>

My code without srcset (Works perfectly when logged into admin):

<div class="flxleftg sc-content"><img src="images/bad2.jpg" alt=""></div>

How do I solve this, so my images are displayed corectly when logged into sitecake?


Sitecake will make srcset himself. Just put the best res of the image and Sc will make srcset.


I know, and that work perfectly. The problem is when the images has bet set in the HTML without Sitecake, and I then go into Sitecake to make changes.

In the above case, I have used Webflow to design the website, and would then let the client edit text and images as needed with Sitecake.


Hi, I have this issue too, or something like it. I am using the latest white label Sitecake version.

Some images that I’ve added to the website (I’m using Blocsapp to build) and have applied your class ‘sc-content’ to (the column), shrink to 1px by 1px when viewing in the Sitecake editor.

When in the Sitecake editor, the images flash full size for a millisecond and then shrink to 1px x 1px!

The images display full size in any browser when not logged into the Sitecake editor i.e. they look fine.

Any help appreciated.


Hi, I’ve just applied a css class to each image with a min-width of 100% and the images that were 1px by 1px when viewed in the Sitecake editor now display at full size in the editor. They are fine in different browsers too when logged out of the editor.

I’m not very good at css so this probably isn’t the correct way to do things, but it’s working at the moment. If you can give me a better way to fix this display issue, please let me know. Thank you.