Repeatable Zones



I have just purchased sitecake white label. I think sitecake is a fantastic CMS and is one of the two choice CMS for the type of websites I will be designing for my clients.

Recently I have been using PHP to repeat headers and footers but I understand that sitecake can do this for me using repeatable zones sc-content-footer and header ect…

Basically I just add the specific class to all footers on all pages and sitecake will automatically update all when a change occurs? I do not need a .php header or footer file and use the include function.

Could this repeatable zone please be explained in more detail as it’s not really explained in much detail in the docs section of sitecake.




Yes you are correct.

Just create a repeater by adding sc-content-yourname class to divs holiding certain section of the website that will be the same on all pages. Typical uses are headers, footers, side colums with blog post lists, …

Pages containing repeaters can be cloned through page manager. Good example is a blog article page with a list of older posts in a side column repeater. One can clone artcile page a numer of times and update repeater post list just once – all article pages will be updated.

Once user updates content in the repeater through Sitecake editor changes will be propagated on Save to all other pages containing the repeater.

You can have as many different repeaters per page as needed.

In case you add specific name to a regular content container it becomes a repeater.

sc-content -> sc-content-name

If there is just one instance of a repeater on the website Sitecake will see it as regular content container.

By assigning repeater sc-content-name class to a region it becomes editable.