Real Whitelabel


Hi there,

just bought the “whitelabel” edition. Why is it exactly called whitelabel and not just brandable or own brand?

Whitelabel implied that a customer cannot see that an production is from another contributor. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against it, when there is a contributor info in the code or as a logo showing, but when you write whitelabel there have to be the folders and filenames editable, too.

I tried to change “admin.php” and the sitecake folder name and it crushes, so its not really whitelabel just brandable with the image files inside. When a customer get via FTP on the server they can find out to fast, thats not an own branded service.

Additionaly think about security - admin.php is heavy known filename. It would be nice when this is editable.

Beside of this I’m useing sitecake a longe time now and I think its the best and fastest solution to get a small cms behind html sites.



Hi Steve,

I don’t know about the other things, but you can change the entry point for editing into something else.



@gerondum As for sitecake dir, we are planing to make it renameable for whitelabel users. Problem with that is that if we allow name of sitecake dir to be cofigurable it will complicate installation. Working on solution how to accomplish this with minimum requirement from user during installation.


Hi… I have followed SiteCake for months, but I’m still thinking if I should purchase it.
Do you have news about this feature request (rename the sitecake folder)?


Hi @michel. We were occupied with Sitecake optimization and were solving problem with Chrome’s change in scrolling API in passed period. After 2.4.7 release that is going out today and contain few small bug fixes that emerged with 2.4.6 release, we plan to put our focus back on v3 and new features, so one of things we will focus on is changing sitecake dir name for whitelabel version of Sitecake. I can’t pin a date on when next release will be out, but one of things implemented will probably be renamed sitecake dir for whitelabel version.


Hi @predragleka

today I have the chance to check out sitecake with a new page and wanted to give the whitelabel version a try. First problem I had was the documentation. There is a file mentioned that not exists with that name -> “sitecake/[version]/config/config.php” this file is called “default.php”

The next thing was that its not real whitelabel its just a “branded” solution. Its good for security and showing up a branded front-end. The product will be better labeled as “Branded” and not as it is “White Label”.

But beside of this -> Its one of the best and fastest CMS solutions out there!

All the best,



Yes. config.php is renamed to default.php. From latest version we made configuration shareable between versions, so if you set some custom configuration, you don’t need to change it when you update sitecake.
In current version (2.4.9) you should create config.php file in sitecake dir. It should look something like


    return [
       // here you put your custom configuration eg.
       // 'debug' => true

As of 2.4.10, config.php will be present in sitecake dir and it will contain all default configuration that you can just change.