Questions about sitecake


Hello! I have a couple of questions about sitecake.

Should I be worried about having too many posts or pages that will slow down the site? (I plan on making a personal blog that I update frequently)

And secondly, what license does sitecake use? I understand that you cant distribute it (even if you modify the code) but are you allowed to modify the source code for personal use?



If your pages are simple HTML with text and few images Sitecake can handle hundreds of them. Sitecake is used only for page editing, so only you are using it. Your visitors are getting pages rendered by the webserver and that is pretty fast. This is the whole point of having a static CMS, to skip invoking WordPress or similar CMS for each visitor page view.

Sitecake is a closed source. You can buy a regular license and use it on one domain, or a white label license and use it on any number of domains. Code modifications are not allowed.

If you want to modify the code, you need SaaS license. This is something we do with SaaS web apps that use Sitecake as an editor for their website builders, profile page editors, …


oh ok, i noticed that on this post: I want to remove this button. that you go into the files to add code to make small changes, is this allowed by the license?


You can remove page manager button in the configuration. That is not a problem for any license.


ok, thanks for the info!