PHP Includes Not Working With The New Version


When I goto edit pages with the new version, my php includes no longer load.

My code is like this for the 6 includes per page

<?php include 'inc/header.php';?>

The previous version loaded it just fine, but with the new one it no longer recognizes my files. Is there a differnt php include code to use so that they do?

None of the files have any sort of encoding, but what I end up with is just the raw php page with no formatting, and if I save it the include code is removed.


try with
<?php include('inc/header.php'); ?>


Nope still nothing, is there possibly a PHP extension I need to install to make it work?


Imp: You have to make sure that your pages are php pages not html pages. For e.g "my-page .php" not “my-page .html

And your page content should start with php tag for eg -

// ...
... html code....

Yup I have all that. Its odd that the last version worked just fine, but upgrading to the new one no longer allows the includes to work.


Hi, there is a bug with includes in some cases in 2.4.8 version. It’s fixed in 2.4.9 and release will be out in day or two.


Any news on 2.4.9? I never received an email to download it?


What’s new in the 2.4.9 version ?


Few small bug fixes. New version will be out soon. We have problem with our deployment and build servers and as soon as this is resolved release will be out. Expecting in next couple of days.


I’m running into this problem now.

Thank you for continuing to work on it.
I look forward to the release soon, my client loves Sitecake!


Any news on 2.4.8 version? I’ve run into the same problem, using 2.4.8 while trying to use an INCLUDE in the page.


2.4.9 is going out tomorrow.


Hi, I did not received an email to download it?
Is 2.4.9 out?


I just sent you the link to your email.