Photo gallery padding issue



How create a photo gallery ?

I tried to integrate two photos in demo but the gallery is not created.
How to use “sc-photoset” ?


Just drag and drop more than one image from desktop.

But, it seems that large images can not be uploaded, I will see to raise the limit and let you know.



In demo, I would like to create galley with 3 photos (640x360) but I don’t work (When I click on photo, no masonry style image gallery)

Do you have a example with gallery ?


It might just be simpler for you to find a way to create one that one that can be embedded into the page



I can create a photo gallery, but I’d like to manage, edit it simply with sitecake.


We plan to crate editable gallery, but it’s scheduled for autumn. It will be released as Sitecake plugin.


Thank you for your reply


Is the photogallery working? I’ve tried dropping more than one image on the page, but they just stack. No “masonry style gallery” is created.


The gallery works fine for me.

Please try our demo.

Which kind of images you were trying to add?
From you computer?
Or another website?
How big are images?


Hm, I see the issue now. It works in editor but layout breaks after publish.

We will fix this asap.


We figured out the issue.

PHP library that we use to render page HTML adds white spaces between figure and a tags. We will fix the renderer in the next release.

What you can do at the moment is to use white-space: nowrap; CSS to make the gallery stick together. Still some white spaces might still be present in the form of 1-2px spaces between images.


font-size: 0; on parent (.sc-photoset) also do the trick.