Partnering with Designers to Create SEO Friendly Templates


We are looking to partner with designers that can do simple but beautiful HTML templates for Sitecake. We have in house SEO experts and we will fix templates to be SEO friendly. Also we will help with Sitecake integration and issues if they arise. This kind of templates are winning combination because of these factors:

Ultra Fast
Sitecake templates are HTML templates, which means ultra fast compared to dynamic WordPress templates (up to 6x faster, Putting a CDN caching service in front of the website can speed things even more (that’s how works)

SEO Friendly
All businesses want is to be found on “the first page of Google”, they care about great design and brand image, but it does not matter at all if you are on 6th page and no one ever visits the website

Responsive in a Smart Way
We are already mobile friendly with speedy HTML websites, Google will reward it. Templates need to be responsive in a smart way, let’s say hand customized responsiveness (against automatic responsiveness of Boostrap or any other framework).

Templates can be sold through Sitecake website, promoted through Sitecake newsletter. We do not have anything against to sell these templates on ThemeForest or any other network.

We are open to suggestions. Let’s talk!

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