Page scrolls instead of adding image


When you drag and drop the image icon to the page it makes the entire site scroll to the top. ( Not finding any 100% heights applied to my HTML or Body elements. I’ve got Owl Carousel turned off in editor via JavaScript. Not sure what I’m doing wrong here. Thanks for any advice.


hi eschon.

i solved this problem here:

i used height: 100%, though. might still help you!?


Yeah I already tried the advice in that thread before creating this one.

I am using the JavaScript to disable OWL when editing. I do not have any Body or HTML heights defined… What am I missing?


The problem with that solution is that height:100% and height:100vh are very different from one another - height:100% means that the element it’s applied to fills its container height, whereas height: 100vh means that the element will be the height of the viewport.

Just wanted to point that out, since misunderstanding this has caused a lot of younger developers a great deal of agony.

I realize this is an old post, but I see guys misunderstanding this almost every day.