Page manager stopped working


I was editing a bunch of pages and all of a sudden Page Manager stops working. Clicking on the page manager button shows a blank white page. I enabled debug mode in the config, but no error shows up. No logs are stored. I tried deleting both the sitecake-backup and sitecake-temp folders.

I cleared the cache and cookies on my browsers, still same problem. Tried it on other devices. I tried the Sitecake Demo, and page manager works on the demo for me.

I reinstalled sitecake, still same issue.

The only things I changed while modifying the site this morning were CSS and HTML. I don’t get how I could have broken the page manager.


The console in Firefox shows this error:

ReferenceError: webpackJsonpScPageManager is not defined


Problem solved, it was a silly mistake I missed.

I accidentally closed the <head> tag before the title and description meta tags.

Everything is fine now.



glad to see you solved your problem :).