Page Manager -> Menu Items -> Anyone got a sublinks/subpages hack figured?


Simplicity of this CMS is amazing. I would buy a White Label definately, but without sublinks management my customers wouldn’t find it useable. Even if there’s not so many pages in total.

Page Manager admin is so simple and cool, but limited to first level links only. Is there any manual hack around this that anyone has figured out or a upgrade coming soon? Everything else is kind of really simple and cool.

Anyway, this system got lots of a potential for B2B websites if it’s going to be developed further.

Something like: class=“sc-nav-sub”. With


i need it also please add support for this!!!


I also need this! For the rest: Sitecake is absolutely great:)


Yes, this is very much needed. When can we expect it?



20 characters minimum…


Okay. We will prioritize sub menu support.

I will post live roadmap so you guys know what is in works and what is planned.