OnePage site integration


Please excuse if has been covered before (newby alert!) but I have trawled the forum to no avail!. Is there any advice available on how to use SC with a typical onepage site where the pages are individually created (so that they can be reordered by the SC menu system by drag) but that the ‘pages’ all appear in the single ‘home’ page with the SC menu leading to anchors in the single page?



Dave, Sitecake page manager can manage only real pages.

What you need to do is doable, but not user friendly.

In order to create a menu, you can pull down a list module from Sitecake toolbar and create a list of links. Define user style to make it horizontal. Sitecake can edit lists, so your menu is editable. In order to create an anchor, you need to use raw HTML module from the Sitecake toolbar. At the end link the anchor in the menu (list).

Hope this helps.