One Template + Sitecake = Business


Here is the list of the latest websites mainly produced by agencies that use Sitecake for small business templates. These agencies usually focus on a single business niche and provide them with a template-based website managed with Sitecake.
Single page lawyer template, Russia

Dental clinic website, Japan
Roofing, basement, and plumbing service websites, Canada

A website for a band that is interesting since it’s a Mobirise website builder template but Sitecake is used for editing, UK

To conclude, Sitecake is simple enough but powerful enough to be used as a CMS of choice for a one page (or few page) business template website. Obviously, agencies are using a niche template + Sitecake combo to sell a number of websites to a certain niche.


Wow, great idea ! I have sitecake whitelabel and i planning to do business that way :smile:


IF you want templates, just send a dm.

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Since I am already here let me share few more websites for this week.
Furniture production website, nice and clean.
Another website for a Japanese clinic. This design agency specialized in clinic websites. They’ve built at least ten clinic websites so I think business is doing good.
This agency has built at least 20-30 websites for home renovation and contractors. Good job with just one template.

These guys made at least 10 one pagers.

They inspired me to do a similar template but I need sales, not only a template :wink:

So it’s definitely possible to make a business with a good one page website template + Sitecake and sell to services and contractor businesses.

I would like to mention one more business, this time from Brazil. This design studio is doing Sitecake for quite some time and I can recommend them.