No login showing


I have just installed Sitecake 2.4.10 on a new site

To get a previous version of SItecake to work, I was told to make the following changes, and this did work for me

In sitecake/2.3.4/config/config.php, on line #23 change ‘files’ to ‘memcache’

and change line 63 from

$app['session.options'] = [];

to (in my case)

$app['session.options'] = [
'servers' => [[', 11211]]

This all worked for me, so in this version (2.4.10), I made the following changes to config.php

Changed line 41 to

$config['session.save_handler'] = 'memcache';

Remarked out line 82 from

$config['session.options'] = [];


//$config['session.options'] = [];

and changed line 87 to

$config['session.save_handler'] = 'memcache';
$config['session.options'] = [
  'servers' => [['', 11211]]

However, the Sitecake login does not show when I go to

Please can anyone help me?


is it possible for you to send FTP details via PM. Need to test it online.

Hi - I think I have PM’d you - can you confirm you received the ftp details


it should be fixed now. Two files were missing from server (sitecake/credentials.php and sitecake/editor.cnf). Also, you have php libraries that needed to be excluded from sitecake index so I added .scignore file to site root dir with paths to be exclude.



Thanks Predragleka