New user encountered an error


We have encountered a problem with a site we are developing in that the CMS is crashing.

We develop multiple sites and use one domain and sub directories to host these sites while we develop then ( not sub domains ) …we have the software loading in two sub directories on the the same domain, one works fine the other is encounting the CMS error / crash .

We get this message on the screen

CMS encounted a problem !
Help us correct the issue and tell what happened. Please include the report from below. To editing just reload the page

** there is NO ERROR message below the message for us to copy.

Please advise if we have this misconfigured, i.e what is the best method to upload Sitecake so it can be used while we develop a site.


Make sure both folders are siblings. If one is the parent of the other it would be a problem.

Also check this list for possible problems

Thank you, we have it running without crashing on two site


but it is crashing on


the only difference with the third site is it runs a video in the header section could this be an issue ?

Thank you

Video is not a problem. Check if HTML is valid.


Do you have a support email / place ? we are getting on well well with the new software and am very impresses so far with how it works, but we have one frustration that we would like to resolve, we have three sites all on the same domain but in sub folders two work perfectly, the third after a few moments crashes and say’s CMS error, we would really like to just know why this one does not work, we not if it its site issue or a code issue, we are keen to push this out to our wider client base, but don’t want to do it if we are going to have sites that it wont work on, the only thing different between the three sites is the one that is crashing has a video in the header area, i don’t want to share the domain name in an open forum so wondered if you have a support email address we could send to, just not sure what the issue is or have to fix it thank you


You can create a ticket here

Thank you so much ill do it now, i am very impressed with the help and support you give !!! really good…