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This is my first time using sitecake so I am a complete noob. I am also not good with php or javascript but am okay with html & css. I have installed sitecake on my site no problems and everything seems to be working great. However I have encountered a slight hitch when editing the site with my navigation bar. Sitecake seems to automatically add ‘sitecake.php?=’ to all my links and this throws out the menu bar (one link appears on the line below the rest. Is there a way to get sitecake to ignore the links and not add the code to them? If I can’t get it to ignore the links, any suggestions on how I keep the navigation menu looking the same?

Thanks in advance for any help given!


Maybe this post solves the URL issue:


Hi Blue,

did you manage to fix your problem. As it sounds to me you put sc-nav on your navigation bar? There is config var in sitecake/config.php file called menus.item_template. You can adjust value of that var to adjust how sitecake should render your menu items.

Let me know if this help