My wishlist for future versions

I have read some of these ideas that are in the works and thought I would give a wishlist that I hope can be applied to future versions.

The main thing is a framework that allows plugins to be created that wont effect the core but add features.

The reason for this would be to add something like tinyMCE or CKEditor inline editor to edit specific elements. I could also make different features available per site.

Adding a more robust image editor, adding the ability to easily replace images and the ability to add/edit background images.

Adding a function that duplicates certain elements.

Add ability to easily create themes and placements for the toolbar.

Thanks for the script and I look forward to v3!

I would also love to see divs that have a whole structure able to be edited, copied and deleted. Right now I see if a div is in a div there is no editing ability.

All your suggestions are heard! :slight_smile:

Most of the features suggested are alredy on the roadmap. Plugins are coming with v3, which is a complete rewrite of the code. Once this is done, we will add, one by one, most wanted features.

There will be a trello-like upvote mechanism for feature requests (soon) and I will add all these requests from forum there.

Thanks for your feedback!