Mobirise and Sitecake


Hello Everyone! I come from Mobirise website builder and I would like to add some CMS features on my websites and here i found Sitecake which looks very promising to that i have in my mind.

As you probably already know Mobirise creates static websites. I would like the possibility to add a user management system and the ability to edit a website online. Therefore i would like to give online access only to a part of the website to the client where he will be able to update some news etc.

With the current setup of Sitecake i understand that the online updating of the announcements page can and will be covered by Sitecake. Is it possible for Sitecake to manage who can view and edit the posts? That way, there will be a section of the website that will be members only and the rest will be public. And only the admin or some registered users could edit the content on the indicated pages of the website.

Looking forward to hearing your views!

Forgive my ignorance in case I have said something naive or something that is common sense for the forum. It is my first time here and i feel like i have discovered a jewel.


Sitecake does not have user management, there is just one user. But, …

what you can do is to put members only part of the website on a subdomain and create a separate copy of Sitecake with different password for that members area.

Does this works in your setup?