Mobile-friendly admin bar


I’m currently working on mobile-first webpages and would love to get the admin bar working on mobile.

One solution is to have it be the nav-bar, just adding a code where I want it and get it as an in-page bar. This could work well for desktop as well, to integrate it in the design.

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I am ready to design mobile navigation bar together with you guys, but we need an investment to finance that kind of development.

Regular investors are not interested because CMS / web builders industry have too many too fat cats already (Square Space, Wix, Weebly, …). I had close talks with several investors.

So options are crowdfunding or partnership.

If somebody wants to talk about this, I am open to any kind of ideas…


so this equals ‘we are broke and no further development is beeing done on SC’. :face_vomiting:
what a pitty. but it was obvious after that email where they were looking for ‘partners’ a while ago…

see ya SC!


Hey Martin it’s always good to hear your positive comments :slight_smile:


You are right there are too many fat cats like Square Space, Wix, etc. But SiteCake is nothing like those, in fact I havent been able to finde anything as simple as SiteCake. I dont see SiteCake as a product for the same users of those fat CMS, however I think every webdesigner, webbureau and web-freelancer, should have SiteCake in mind when they design websites. Way too many webdesigner just create Wordpress sites for their clients, when something like Sitecake would have been a much better solution.

If a client just wants to be able to change some text and swap a image now and then, then it is just plain stupid to create a WordPress site, when Sitcake can do that job so better.

Most of my clients dont need a heavy CMS they just need to be able to change text and images from time to time, and with SiteCake I can offer a better, faster and more simple solution for that.


it didnt get deleted this time (yet), at least… :clap:


Partially mobile friendly would be enough for me — as long as it works on an iPad :slight_smile: (which now browses by default in some sort of Desktop compatibility mode). I’d chip in a little for that.