Migrate from Sitecake 1 to 2


Hi there,
I made a website for a friend with sitecake 1.0.41 many years ago. Is there an easy way to update to sitecake 2 and what are the migration steps? Or do I have to develop from scratch?
Many thanks for your advice!


Sitecake 1.x required all pages to be PHP and used to save data separate from the page. The page was basically a tempate and it kept text and images elswere.

Sitecake 2.x edits actual page, text is saved in HTML and images in images/ folder.

What you need to do is:

  • open each page in the browser, press CTRL+U to view the source and copy paste that source as a new .html page. Do this for every page.
  • now fix links in all pages so that they are pointing to the right resource (CSS, JS, images, …)
  • purchase latest version of Sitecake
  • put everytihing in the same folder and login to Sitecake through domain.com/sitecake.php link

If you can’t do it alone, open a ticket and we will find somebody who can do it for a fee.