Maintaining old MS Expression Web site



I manage an old MS Expression Web HTML site.

This is pain if I am traveling. In the past I have carried a laptop with Expression Web on it but would prefer not to do so. I have also done emergency maintenance using the Coda ap.

Looking for a more elegant solution.

Sitecake looks like it might be a possible useful. Would it work for minor maintenance to an exiting HTML website when I am traveling? Any problems you can foresee?

I realise I would need to sync the changed pages when I get back to my PC.



Once you install Sitecake on the server next to your website you can edit it from any browser. I do not know how MS Expression works, but Sitecake is static CMS, which means it leaves functional static website on the server after each edit.

Paste the URL of your website so we can take a look on the HTML.


Where is the Sitecake html stored? In the htm files? Or in the Sitecake files?



HTML is in the file system. In HTML files. There is no database, text is stored in HTML, images and files in folders.

BTW I can not open your website. It says


You don’t have permission to access / on this server.


That’s weird - is my ISP blocking your IP? Or the other way around? Can you tell me your IP and I can ask my ISP?