Mac denies functionality

First things first, wow! You made the CMS we’ve all been waiting for :smiley:
I’ve got a tiny problem.

I setup a Sitecake powered CMS for one of my customers. The customer is a mac user.
Now when the cust. tries to upload anything through Sitecake frontend the “blue boxes” are not clickable.

For me on windows everything works fine.

We tried multiple browsers and did a google search for similar problems. Also the forums did not return anything similar. Also updated the customers system to the latest OS and browser versions.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hi, this is probably due site’s CSS or some Javascript that site includes beside Sitecake. To be sure, you can send site link and pass to PM so we can check it out and be sure.

Hi! Thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile: Link sent in PM

Or not! haha, cannot find how to send PM’s!
Here’s the site: Link

Thanks in advance!