Login returning to login

I have just updated to 2.4.10 and when trying to login I just keep returning to the login box. As far as I can tell after checking the Sitecake logs there are no errors in authentication.
In the first instance I added the 2.4.10 folder next to the old folder and changed the sitecake.php file as per the upgrade instructions and the problem started. I then removed the old folder and the temp folder and that didn’t fix it.
I’ve read the threads with similar problems and changed the permissions to 777 and that hasn’t changed anything, I changed the session storage to memcache and that just gave me a blank page so I changed it to null.
Could you shed any light on anything else I can do or something I’ve overlooked?


I fixed the issue, still don’t know what the issue was to cause it but in order to fix it I rolled back the sitecake folder to a backup of the 2.3.6 folder. Then added the 2.4.10 folder next to it and the sitecake.php file into the public_html folder. Pretty much just following the updating instructions again…

I don’t know why it broke the first time though.

Nevermind, it’s fixed.