Language translation of toolbar and login


Is it possible for me to translate the login model and the toolbar options ?
A sort of language pack maybe an good idea ?

I need them to be in my own language, for my clients to easily understand the controls.


According to config, interface can be displayed in one of the following languages:

en, sl, sr, es, de, fr, dk, it, ru, cs, sk, pt, pt-br,


Unfortunately my language is not in that list.
Do you know where i can find the files so i can translate it myself ?



in current version of Sitecake, translations are not externalized. This is planned for Sitecake v3.0. Currently translations are added directly into source so if you want us to add translation for your language, you need to send it and it will be available in next release.
If you go to you can find file with default text on English that can be translated to desired language.
You need to change strings in @DefaultMessage().


@DefaultMessage("Wrong password")

should be changed to

@DefaultMessage("Falsches Passwort")

if you are translating to German.

When you translate all messages in file, you can send it on our support form and we will add it to next release.


Alright, i translated the file and send it to support.
I hope other people will enjoy it to.

Thx for the help.
I appreciate it.


I translated it to Dutch, Maybe nice to know haha
Dutch, Netherlands, ( NL )



Thanks, it will be integrated with next release.


I’m interested in doing the translation of the editor interface into Polish. It’s not my first time to doing things like this. :upside_down_face: How can I do that? The necessary txt file is not available anymore. Can anybody help me?


Please open a ticket so I can send you language file through ticket.

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Ticket submitted already. :+1: