Language files - can anyone help?


It seems that the language files was not included in my download package. I have version 2.4.10, and in the locale folder there is only one file called en.yml. and all that file contains is the following:

DIR_NOT_EXISTS: Directory %path% does not exist
DIR_NOT_CREATED: Could not create directory %path%
DIR_NOT_WRITABLE: Directory %path% is not writable
FILE_NOT_EXISTS: Not found path %path%
FILE_NOT_WRITABLE: Path %path% is not writable
PAGE_DIR_NOT_READABLE: Could not read the pages directory %path%
NO_PAGE_EXISTS: No page file (*.html) could be found in %path%
INDEX_PAGE_NOT_EXISTS: Could not find the index page (index.html) in %path%
PAGE_NOT_EXISTS: Could not load page file %path%
INVALID_SERVICE_REQUEST: Invalid service request %uri%

I have tried to submit a support ticket, but with no reply. I have also mentioned this in another thread, but without any solution. Can any one please help me with language files ( ???


Only way to change language is through editor.cnf. Language files are integrated in js files that are shipped with sitecake. Can you send me link to website so can check it out. When Locale.code is changed sitecake should start appearing in Danish. Maybe it’s cache issue…

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