Just bought White Label, having problems

Windows 11, IIS 10. Folder is RWX by everyone.
Sitecake 2.5.0 Whitepabel
php 8.0.0

  • Basic editing works
  • Needed folders (like /images and /files) are not included int he zip and not well documented
  • Cannot upload images or files. Created above folders (writeable) in webroot, still getting “internal error”
  • Getting errors every time site is reloaded that it cannot contact sitecake.com. Why is it trying to?
  • When I bought the product, I got a license key. Where does this go?
  • Should I have been prompted for any of this?

Not very satisfied with having just pent a fair bit of money on this and not being able to get it working with your spotty documentation. See others asking the same questions in the forums, but not seeing answers.

Please help.

You need Apache or NGINX as a web server. Sitecake will not work on IIS.

Please read more here