Is this reasonable for a non-developer? (I want to to be!)


Hello peeps and thanks in advance.

I’m a marketing guy and have trouble consistently hiring quality development help - mostly I need to build simple websites and I’ve been looking around for a non-WordPress option that is light and fast. I’m not a coder but can follow instructions and learn.

From reading around on this site, it seems like Sitecake is easy - but I think I need to step zero before step one. It seems like I have to be able to build a HTML or PHP website before starting with Sitecake and that Sitecake makes it much easier to edit once it’s there, but I don’t understand the starting point. Am I misreading this, namely that I have to build a static manually coded site before I can even start to use Sitecake?



Sitecake is easy for end users, for editing a website.

Still Sitecake is just an engine, not a car. So you need a HTML developer to integrate Sitecake with your website.
If website HTML has been written with Sitecake in mind, then it’s really easy to integrate. On the other hand, some websites require HTML structure changes in order to be integrated with Sitecake.


Moreover, we are preparing brand new, SEO friendly, templates, and we are open to hear what kind of templates you need so we can build what users really need.