Is site cake regularly maintained?


Just about to start using / testing site cake and am very impressed.

Just wanted to know if there are regular updates and if the CMS is being maintained…

Many thanks


Sitecake is regularly maintained, but we do not plan new features at the moment.

We really do not want to make a simple CMS more complex by adding new features. It’s made for what it does now:

  • manage text and images
  • add Youtube videos, Google maps, or any other third party embed through raw HTML copy/paste function
  • it has content repeater for side columns, headers, footers, etc.
  • it can manage top navigation, clone existing or delete pages, change on-page SEO (URL, title, meta desc.)
  • a designer can define CSS styles for the editor so the style of the website is mainained
  • you can even maintain a simple blog with it

and that’s it.

We really want to keep it as simple as possible and do let users manage websites up to 10 pages. :slight_smile:


So when was Sitecake last updated?


Last version was released in 2018. I am too just exploring Sitecake. I am having issues that may be server related. Unsure unless I try one of their recommended servers. How has your progress with Sitecake been? Any issues? Still experimenting with it?


so ‘regularly maintained’ means:
an update every 5 years?


Sitecake is like a good table or chair. Once you buy it it just works. It has only basic functionality and supports only basic web technologies which makes it future proof.

We do not have frequent updates and that’s on purpose. 90% of our users edit only text and images.
In case Chrome or Safari change rendering engine so that Sitecake is not working properly we will update it. But so far everything works fine.


OK, understand.

but how do


fit together? seriously.