Information Regarding new Sitecake Themes,


I am Working on an Entire Conversion of all the Templates on

Within the Next Few Weeks im Going to Be Converting all the HTML5UP Free Templates into Sitecake Editable Versions, These Templates Will Be Released under the Same License Creative Commons 3.0

On a Side Note HTML5 Sells paid Versions of these Templates Under the Name Pixelarity, We will Be using the HTML5UP Versions for these Templates, But it Should be known that they have Attribution Free Versions for a fee. (So if someone here likes one of those Templates and wants to remove the HTML5 Design notice it may just be wise to purchase the paid version if your interested in removing copyright notices. im not affiliated with pixelarity or html5up for that matter, But yes I have a License for Pixelarity. (its only 19 dollars)

So Stay Tuned Guys SiteCake is About to have a Bunch of PreBuilt Templates For Beginners

Also If anyone has any Free Templates or any Templates you have that and Would Like to See Converted to Work with Sitecake Please Link me to them in this Thread. I Will See what Can be Done (And Please note that if i Do Convert a Theme it is without a warranty and i do not guarantee it will be free of bugs or errors)

Please Note That the Themes Must Either Be OpenSource and or Free to Modify/Redistribute For Free, If the theme You want Converted is a Copyrighted theme not for Distribution Then You Must Certify that You Own the Rights to the Work and You Must Be Willing to Grant Anyone Who Wishes to use it A Royalty Free License to Use and or Prepare/Display Derivative Works to anyone (Yes even that Asshole that no ones likes who Lives down the Street) If the Theme Already Has a License Attached to It then it Must (in most cases) Be Released under that Same License and Attribution To the Original Author Must be Cited, I Dont Mind Converting Templates For people For Free For the Community, But I Am not Here to Strip Copyright Notices and or Plagiarize on Other Peoples Work, Do Your Job for you,etc,

And Anything i Release is Without A Warranty and is Done For the Greater Good and the less fortunate,

If You want Something Converted and You Dont Want the General Public to be Able to Possibly see and Adapt it, Then I Cannot Convert Your Theme. I Understand People Want to Make Money and Keep Certain Things to Themselves, But If you Want Me to Provide you With a Free Service then you must Be Willing to let other People Create and use their own Versions For Free

Unless im bound by a Contract Im making the Pledge to Start Releasing All of My Companies Static Templates in a Sitecake Ready Format

And From Time to Time I Will Be Releasing Templates Designed by My Companies Developers (In Their Spare time) on this Website as all work they do inside of my building for my business belongs to my business, If a Template I Ever Release Infringes on Someones Rights Please Contact me Immediately. as a lot of these templates will be Developed by my Developers and I Take Their Word for Things Most of the Time but you never know, Anything is Possible (Not To Mention i Will be Really Pissed off at them for Pulling a fast one). My Developers Get Paid For Their Work From me, I Am Personally Paying out of my Own Pocket to Get Some Completely Royalty Free Templates Developed For Sitecake that anyone will be able to use for any reason, If anyone Here has Any Skills they Can Contribute to The Sitecake Project, I Encourage You to Pitch in What You Can. If Your a PHP Developer I Encourage you to Fork the Sitecake Github and see what you can come up with.

Stay Tuned.

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on a Side Note. I Also Am Providing Webhosting For Sitecake Sites, if you already have your own Domain and Know how to Setup Your Site, I will Be Charging 40 Bucks a Year For Basic Hosting, All Hosted Clients are Hosted on one of our 3 Servers, Can Bring their own Domain, and Will also have their own Control Panel for Their Web space Powered by Plesk. Your Site Will Be Protected By Cloudflare (You May need to Do a few things to get it working) We Also Have a Back End Firewall that Can Withstand a DDoS Attack of up to 100Gbps